Kickoff Meeting 9/23/10 minutes


Kickoff Meeting: September 23, 2010

1. NAHB Administrative Stuff

  • Officers will be elected at next meeting (Tuesday Oct, 5)
    • In the mean time Chuck will e-mail the group with officer titles and descriptions
    • Additional officer positions may be created as needed
  • NAHB bylaws:
    • Bob H. will try to track them down

2. Display Board

  • Display Board Project Coordinator: Asher
  • Asher will contact Dr. Damery for budget info & assemble project team
  • Hopeful to have board ready for Majors Fair (October 10/27)
  • Display board must include
    • University of Massachusetts Amherst
    • Building and Construction Technology
    • Theme: UG education, G education, Research, Career opportunity, etc???
  • Professor Schreyer has some ideas – e-mail forwarded to Asher
  • E-Mail Re: approved vendors forwarded to Asher

3. NSEA Design Competition

  • Charlie Mole expressed interest
    • Will look into the project guidelines and consider the scope of the project

4. Community Service

  • Habitat for Humanity: Coordinator: Edison
    • Edison will schedule volenteer days every 4-6 weeks throughout the school year
  • Benches – Project coordinator: Kevin
    • Will assemble a small team of NAHB’ers
    • Brainstorming / sketching will begin before next meeting

5. Career Fair for Engineering and Technology

  • Announced the attendance of Gilbane Builders
  • Career fair is September 29th from 10am – 3pm in campus center auditorium

6. T-Shirts

  • Announced that t-shirts are available for purchase / sale
  • $10 each
  • Contact Dr. Damery for t-shirts

7. Home Builders Association

  • Announced meeting with homebuilders association on 10/5
    • Need to announce via e-mail where/ when/ and what this is all about

8. Threaded NAHB discussion forum

  • Discussion page creator: Derek White
  • Derek has created a google group for us to have a closed, threaded discussion forum.
    • Allows for easy discussion between meetings
    • Allows an opportunity for members to voice opinions, ideas, and thoughts even when they cannot attend meetings
    • Each ongoing project will have its own discussion thread

PROJECTS: Person In Charge

Display board Asher

Threaded disc. Forum Derek White

Benches Kevin

Habitat Edison

To Do @ next meeting

Elect officers


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