Meeting 10/14/10 minutes

NAHB Meeting:
Thursday 10/14/2010

1. NAHB Administrative Stuff

Membership list
Needs to be submitted to NAHB via online form / online payment or check
Can be updated at anytime
Mission statement!
Secretary writes down ideas of the group
Spread our name
Connection to BCT
Have fun
Community outreach
Progression through altruism
Supportive projects (projects that support our mission)
Building education
Keeping up to date on innovations in the industry
Leadership for all

2. Marketing

Display Board
Coordinator: Asher
Asher is the “Marketing Coordinator”
Asher spoke with brad Campbell who put him in touch with a sign guy
Has our sign producer selected
Received a cost estimate from producer
Expect to have file sent out to print November 1st looking good – first draft is being revised, November 1 deadline still looks like a good target.

3. Community outreach

Coordinator: Kevin
Team assembly
sketches / ideas? Kevin missed meeting, but is still on board for this – sketches coming along
Habitat for Humanity
Coordinator: Edison
October 30th
Time / Meeting spot
Drivers / rides for everyone
Edison – do you want a sign up sheet (what info on it?)

4. International Builders Show

Shed fundraiser?
Procurement of Materials: Bob
Marketing / Sales: Kyle brochure by 10/23? / bidding done by November 15th
Does anyone want to be the “Project Manager” of this? Bob
Other financing?
$500 from ECO department
$1000 from bct
Need $2100 to raise / come up with on own
Ideas for fundraising included solicitation of local businesses, reaching to Brad Campbell and HBA for donations

Details of trip: Fly out on Tuesday – Return Sunday evening.
Condo / hotel still up for discussion

5. Programs

Derek is programs chair – can we set up some field trips?
Times / Dates that work for people
Field Trip ideas?
National fiber
Timber framer
Glulam manufacturer
Preferred building systems

6. Relationship with HBA

Bob and I will attend the next board meeting to represent our program and chapter –
We will be expected to give a brief presentation of our group and its activities
we need updates on ongoing projects so we have something to report so at our next meeting we would like to have some solid status updates on ongoing projects

President: Chuck
V.P.: Bob
Secretary: Kelsey
Treasurer: Charlie
Programs Chair: Derek
Webmeister: Derek
Marketing Coordinator: Asher

Project Person in charge
Display board Asher
Online disc. Forum Derek
Benches Kevin
Habitat Edison


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