Kleer Lumber

Kleer Lumber Factory Tour

A tour of the Kleer Lumber Factory was offered to NAHB UMass Student Chapter members in the Spring of 2011. Kleer Lumber is a local PVC Trimboard manufacturer and distributor based out of Westfield, MA. Relations were established with Kleer Lumber during the 2011 International Builders Show in Orlando, FL, and a tour was arranged. Before the tour, members sat in on an information session describing the Kleer product from head to toe. Kevin Jarvi, our contact at Kleer and local sales representative, explained that the product offers many advantages over wood. Soon after the information session, the factory tour began. We saw the process from start to finish, including the raw materials and machines involved in the extraction process. One key point that reinforced our faith in the company was their process to recycle old and defective pieces into a large shredder to make more raw material which could then be turned back into boards. The trip was extremely informative, we got to see the sales pitch for the product and how its made step by step as well. We even got to discover a smell not quite like any you’ve ever experienced.


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